CHRISTmas Week

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CHRISTmas Week, Kids! I know you’re excited! Sharon and I are too! Everything makes us happy–Snow (for some), a tree in our house, gifts, relatives we haven’t seen in a while, songs to sing, food, etc.!

This week I, Victor, want to share one word a day that has something to do with JUST JESUS! It IS His birthday after all! Today the word is “GIFT.” 2 Corinthians 2 verse 15 says, “Thank God for this Gift too wonderful for words!” So let’s do that right here. “Oh, God, Jesus is Your Gift to the whole world! He was your Only Son! He grew up and died for our sins on a cross so that if we believe, we will see YOU in Heaven someday Face-to-face. THANK YOU for this Gift!”
Kids, I love you! God/Jesus loves you much, much more than ANY gift under the tree or its giver! Have a fun, spectacular, exciting, help-your-Mom & Dad-kind of week!