Christmas: JUST JESUS

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Hi Kids! It’s CHRISTmas Eve and soon to be CHRISTmas DAY! This VERY Special Holyday involves TWO trees: The Christmas tree, which many of you have in your houses AND the slivered cross (sometimes called a “tree”) on which Jesus died 33 years after His birth.

Just as angels announced Jesus’ birth to shepherds, the GOOD Shepherd will announce our arrival before Father God someday! See Matthew 10:32. The cross in this photo actually sets right behind the manger in Sharon’s house. It was made by one of her sons years ago. It ALWAYS reminds them of Jesus’ dying for us to save us from our sins! PLEASE thank Him for doing that! Believe in the slivered “tree” and the Man who died there for you! I love you!

Remember CHRISTmas is J U S T J E S U S !