The Treasures of Her Heart

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Sharon and I hope and pray that the first week of 2023 has been spectacular! Are you digging even deeper into the Bible? Are you doing all you can to Absorb the Word–you know–like a sponge absorbs water! Is God Your Treasure?

A 6 year old friend of mine just heard the devotional of that title from Book One. Her parents read it to her (actually I think she read many of the words herself!). In response to the “Treasure Chest Activity” she DREW what she treasures (check out the photos!):

and told her Dad: “I love lions. I love my dog. And God loves everything ’cause He made it so God is the HEART!”

Sharon and I are speechless! We stand amazed at what God can do in the heart of a child because parents (& grandparents) are leading & guiding them! We have heard MANY stories like this! And THIS, Boys & Girls, is the work of God’s Holy Spirit! He may have used Sharon’s words, but HE gives the understanding! Oh, I love you! God loves you MOST & BEST!

(“Stockpile treasure in Heaven…the place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” Mt. 6:19-21)