Victor Discovers Treasure: 45 MORE Devotional Digs for Kids


Sharon was used by God to write these 45 more daily devotional digs. And I, Victor, am so happy to appear in many of these! GOD GETS ALL THE PRAISE! Many times God uses people to write things or say things that help others know more about Jesus and Heaven. Sharon prays every day that Victor Discovers Treasure will help you know more about the Bible and more about Jesus!

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People of all ages are intrigued by treasure! Whether a deep sea diver, a drill-digging miner, or a shovel-ready child beneath a tree–all are driven by the hope of finding a prize! And if a map is available to simplify the search, so much the better! The Bible is God’s treasure map. Our prize–our “gold”–is living in heaven with Him someday. But sometimes it’s not as simple as “X marks the spot.” We need help “reading” the map and understanding its mystery language. When adults say “butterflies in the tummy” or “two peas in a pod,” we know what they mean. It is very clear that someone is nervous before a performance or that two different people are a lot alike. When the Bible speaks in mystery language it may not be so obvious. What does it mean to be hungry and thirsty for God? How can Jesus be like a Lamb AND like a lion? How is Earth God’s footstool?

As in Victor Discovers Treasure, Book One, these additional 45 daily digs into God’s Word give kids some of the clues and discoveries they need to reach life’s reward (their treasure) with God the Father someday. To engage children and keep their attention, Victor the donkey appears on every page. The special meaning of “victor” is also highlighted in this second book. The Bible is full of word treasure-clues; words that put a picture in our minds to make our journey on this earth a discovery of truth. Adults call Bible word treasures metaphors, similes, and imagery. It’s called “freedom language” in Romans 6:19 from the Message. Paul says, “I’m using this freedom language because it is easy to picture.” After each daily dig a shovel indicates the list of the Bible verses where the clues can be found. BUT… you have to “Dig Deeper” in the back of the book to find out exactly what those verses say. Each version used was prayerfully chosen to enable young children to understand clearly. By the small treasure chest there is an action point that parents and grandparents can help with to “cement” the truth. This book will cause children to smile, laugh, think, and ponder. But most of all they will discover the pathway to gold–freedom language for Heaven.

Written by Sharon Deur and illustrated by Deborah Smith

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